ARNOLD / WERNER takes a holistic approach to architecture. Projects are developed in close collaboration with the client and we focus on context and surroundings. Visual images and ideas are interpreted individually and are expressed using modern design vocabulary. The creative design process includes the development and exact detailing of the building on the inside and the outside. Our priority is to come up with cost-efficient solutions. Whenever possible we use domestically produced materials and additionally try to keep energy costs to a absolute minimum.


Individual advice and planning
Interior Design
Furniture and lamps
Graphic and Surrounding-oriented Design
Interactive Design
Exhibition Design
Event and Set Design


The office consists of a team of architects and interior designers. Product designers and graphic designers complete the team.

Sascha Arnold and Steffen Werner

Selection of clients

Dallmayr, Heimbs Kaffee, Allegretto, BKC, Bold Hotel, FC Bayern, DBK, Super Danke!, Stereo Muc / Stereo Cafe, Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar, Kickz, Adidas, APC, Maelu, Bederke, ZKV, James T. Hunt, Fleckenstein Immobilien, Boxware, Ic Fizz, Allude, Chafor, Lutzenberger Bau, Internationale FH Bad Honnef, Gecobli, Häberlein und Mauerer, Heye, Luwa Energie, Private, Hines, Leitner Bau, Adidas, Leitner Bau, Booxware, Gecobli, Wacker, Schumann’s, Le Panther, Sunday Digital, Private Clients

Steffen Werner, architect

Born: 1973, Augsburg

Architectural Studies
1993 – 2000 Technical University of Munich

Sculptor Studies
1995 – 2002 Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich
Master scholar degree by Prof. Olaf Metzel

since 2003 Arnold / Werner

Sascha Arnold, architect

Born: 1968, Krumbach

Architectural Studies
1989 – 1994 Hochschule Augsburg
1994 – 1996 Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich

1998 – 2000 Albert Weinzierl architects
2000 – 2002 Herzog und de Meuron
since 2003 Arnold / Werner